Stock picking
Financial Analysis and ESG

Entrepreneurial Asset Manager, € 500 million assets under management
Team of 5 people, 5 portfolios, Asset Management of European Actions

Business Requirements

  • Equip yourself with a company specific fact sheet including pertinent information including ESG and Intangibles
  • Implement an uniform rating system in order to compare different companies
  • Analyze the trends of 6000 companies in Europe and Worldwide
  • Benefit from a search engine to detect potential targets based on quantitative criteria
  • Ability to manually adjust ratings at the margin


  • Osmoze server in the Cloud (Microsoft Azure) and Osmoze Excel Add-In client with Web extension
  • Creation and deployment of the Stock-Picking module
  • Custom scoring calculation module based on the company's methodology
  • Live in 5 months


Complete Digitalization

of scoring and decision-making processes


of the solution allowing to extend the monitored perimeters

Picking enhancement

with more relevant research criteria