Front-Office analytic solution built for
high-performance, flexibility and digital innovation

Cutting-edge capabilities


  • Portfolios and benchmarks inventory
  • Cash flow projections and monitoring
  • Tailored indicators on stocks, bonds, futures, etc.
  • Tracking of ESG criterias
  • Risk indicators (Treynor, Sharpe...)


  • Simulation: orders, stress tests
  • Indicateurs specifiques : sensibilities, greeks
  • Calculations of aggregates and averages
  • Stock picking ou Bond picking


  • Orders execution and follow-up
  • Rebalancing with model portfolio or optimized custom solution
  • Inventory and price reconciliation


  • Realized and unrealized gains / losses
  • Provision calculation and tracking
  • Cash-Flow monitoring, FIFO/LIFO or average operation stack analysis
  • IRR, YTM, Yield Income, Rolldown yield, etc.
  • Standard or specific SCR calculation

Common functions

  • Look-through approach using benchmarks / custom proxies
  • Constraints: UCITS IV, internals, programs and mandate instructions
  • Multi-axis, multi-level and other customizable deep-analysis

Disrupting Ergonomics

  • Complete customization of ergonomics
  • Different views adapted to your role (asset managers, analysts, salesmen)
  • Native Responsive interface for computer, smartphones and tablets

Digital Infrastructure

  • Thanks to the "in-memory" technology :
  • High-performance real-time management, increasing processing capacity
  • Proprietary packaged financial modeling librairies
  • Connection and data agregation, incorporating rules and specific functional controls
  • Scalable and expendable models, rules and functions


  • Access to multiple raw data sources
  • Interfacing with various PMS (Neoxam Manager, SimCorp Dimension, Jump, etc.)
  • Real-time interfacing with a large range of data providers: Bloomberg, Eikon Thomson Reuters, Six Financial

Osmoze, a financial solution with high added value
  • All asset classes
  • In-memory and real-time data access
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Revolutionary, customer-centric ergonomics
  • Rapid deployment
  • Rich and intelligent connectivity

A breakthrough technology

Fully real-time server

Direct access to golden-source data
In-memory calculation for optimal performance

Modulary-based technology

Orchestrated by a patented intentional computation engine
Centralizing on the server-side all business rules and calculations
Providing performance and scalability

Innovative ergonomics

Turning Excel into a flexible front-end
Each application is structured into reusable modules
Rich Excel application for a new user experience

Transparency and audit trail

Origin and use of any data controlled and monitored
Detail and sequence of calculations for each result displayed

Strengths and advantages

Cloud /

Available on Azure (Microsoft Cloud)
Available On-Premise

Quickly customizable personnalisable

Custom workstation display for each user
Maintains all Excel analysis capacity

Financial Expertise

Implementing highly-complex financial rules
Leveraging the significance of strategic asset management decisions

Mutualization of the best business-practises

Consolidate and perpetuate the differentiating know-how of the asset managers
Ensure consistency and homogeneity of your results