Portfolio monitoring
Balanced & Multi-management Funds

Large French Asset Manager, € 20 billion assets under management
Team of 10 asset managers, 80 portfolios, 15 asset classes - 5 heterogeneous data sources

Business Requirements

  • Aggregation of heterogeneous information
  • Multi-axis & multi-asset portfolio analysis
  • Transparisation on 3-levels with custom proxies
  • Valuation, exposure and risk calculations
  • Cash-flows forecasting
  • Raw and transparized inventory with drill-down
  • Separate front-ends dedicated to the asset managers and to the leadership


  • On premise Osmoze server and Osmoze Excel Add-In on the client side
  • Deployment of the Monitoring and Decision-making modules
  • Custom module of exposure calculations
  • Live in 8 months



in the quality of input data


of calculations, transparency and traceability of the results


Response times divided by 100

Strong scalability

that allows to increase the model's precision