[company overview]

Strategic business platform
for financial services

Osmoze is an innovative solution dedicated to financial services. Combine all your in-house intelligence and business applications in a single bespoke solution to respond to your specific needs.

  • Flexible and friendly user interface (Excel)
  • Osmoze is the first software solution which combines the flexibility of Excel with the power and reliability of integrated application. Osmoze is fully integrated in Microsoft tool to ensure an easy use and reuse of data. Appreciate an easy and flexible interface for all your business operations.

  • Bespoke business application
  • Customize about everything in Osmoze. Create and evolve report, business process or custom adaptation without IT knowing or coding. Now centralize and organize all your expertise and data directly in Excel with Osmoze. Innovate by combining validated business processes and custom adaptation in a few clicks.

  • Fast integration and update
  • Osmoze was created for easy and rapid adaptations. Plug Osmoze to your information system in a few days and respond to any incoming business requirements without long and expensive development. Take advantage of iterative and incremental developement that ensure fast deployment up to many times a day.

  • Structured products design and pricing
  • Thanks to Osmoze’s powerful computation capabilities, traders or financial engineers can develop complex pricing models with the total flexibility of a spreadsheet while also benefiting from the security of a server-based solution.

  • Customized risk monitoring tools
  • Osmoze can collect, from different sources, all relevant data needed to assess credit, market and collateral risks. The platform’s flexibility enables risk managers to easily design customized risk monitoring and reporting tools that match their needs.

  • Customizable valuation reports
  • Osmoze’s customizable data quality control function ensures that reporting officers have access to all of the relevant data when producing their valuation reports. Each report can easily be adapted to the client’s demands.

  • Customized portfolio management tools
  • Osmoze enables fund managers to design bespoke portfolio management screens and simulation tools, with comprehensive asset coverage including complex derivatives. Osmoze ensures that the most relevant information provided by the position-keeping and market data feeds are integrated into the portfolio management platform.

  • Optimized investment control
  • Osmoze collects daily the most up-to-date information provided by the fund managers and the custodians to identify in a few minutes the potential breaches in the portfolios’ investment guidelines and the possible discrepancies between the two sets of data.

  • Bespoke customer reports
  • Reporting officers can produce reports that consolidate all relevant data required by each customer. Information from multiple sources is consolidated in bespoke spreadsheets that can be easily modified at any time in response to customers’ requests..

  • Market data collection and summary
  • Osmoze collects information from external providers/analysts and produces a daily customizable market and economics summary for portfolio managers, highlighting key information and thereby saving time.

  • Automated portfolio control
  • Osmoze automatically consolidates the portfolio positions provided by position-keeping tools and custodians, identifying any potential discrepancies and investment breaches and accelerating the control process.

  • Multi-platform dynamic reports
  • Produce interactive reports with Excel on tablets or other devices on demand. Show your business performance with a valued-added presentation.