Osmoze is a business analytics software

[Product overview]

Osmoze, dynamic business platform for financial services

Osmoze is a new kind of solution design that is dedicated to financial services. Heavenize provides a flexible layer above your backbone applications that gives you the agility you need in order to rapidly and efficiently adapt your enterprise’s operations and processes to its constantly evolving market.

Based on an innovative knowledge repository that you use to model and store all your expertise and which includes an extremely efficient search engine, Osmoze can be used not only to look up data but also to immediately execute formulas or processes, in Excel® for example.

It’s almost magic and very efficient: not only do you get the data or the computational result you need; you also have a persistent link that you can use to refresh it whenever you want in the future.

Moreover, if you are not confident in the results, Osmoze is fully transparent and tells you exactly where your data comes from, when it was extracted and/or how it was computed. Forget about tedious daily extract-copy-paste operations from different applications for ever!


  • Fully urbanize your enterprise expertise: the process of discovering, accessing, and using all your best practices becomes as simple as searching in Google® and drag-dropping the results into Excel.
  • Eliminate your application boundaries and benefit from a business-oriented framework when defining and executing cross-application or cross-expertise processes.
  • Save hours of support: the total transparency of all computations dramatically improves user autonomy and feedback. It also ensures efficient self-learning with production use cases.
  • Capitalize on the shared repository for all your best practices and their inter-dependencies, documentation and associated rules in the long term. Osmoze’s model is technologically agnostic.